Skiing in the Swiss Alps

Bucket list item: Check

On Saturday Duane, Fanny (D's co-worker) and I drove an hour south of Zurich along Zurich Lake to Flumserberg ski resort. Barely an hour after leaving and winding through the Alps we were there (why can't Tahoe be this easy?). It really only took a few runs to understand why the EU kicks USA's ass in the Winter Olympics... this mountain was no joke; moguls, unpredictable terrain, steep and at times very narrow. They do not mess around here.

However, while it was hard, you couldn't be mad, because you had these breath taking views the entire time, in addition to amazing weather, incredibly long runs and some pretty damn good power ALL DAY. We were in heaven and in awe the whole time.

After a very long day of skiing, we were determined to squeeze in a last few runs. Silly us. Well, in our excitement, we kinda sorta ended up on the lower end of the mountain just in time for all of the lifts to close! Lucky us! So we all got to walk about 20 minutes up the mountain with all of our gear. I was giggling they whole way. What else are you going to do? On top of that, there was an accident somewhere down the mountain, which forced us to take a different road that was tiny tiny tiny, BUT we passed a random castle and got to go through a crazy narrow cave tunnel that had icicles from the roof that look like they could kill us if they fell. It is always an adventure!! 

The car ahead of us is only maybe 1/4 of the way through the tunnel cave


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