Hello Zurich and Winter! We Found You!

We made it! Yay! We arrived on Saturday afternoon just in time for a snow! Woo hoo! It does exist! Oh Zurich, you knew that the Californians with thin blood were coming, you naughty thing. Once we landed and got situated in our hotel and ran some errands (mainly pick up some groceries) since the whole city is shut down on Sundays. After, we walked around to stay awake, and ended up wandering to old town for our first German meal, mmmm wurst, which made my heart and inner German so happy.

Our home for the next two weeks

On Sunday, we woke after sleeping a magical 10 hours and headed out into the snow covered city to explore. I didn't realize that Duane hadn't seen many of the main tourist sights around the city since he was working the last time, so we decided to play tourist for our first day.

Kids sledding in a local park


We climbed to the top of the Grossmünster for a view of the city from way above

Top of the Grossmünster


St. Peters Church

Limmat River

It's been a long time since I've worn this many layers


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