Schmutziger Donnerstag

I traveled to Haslach early Wednesday morning for a quick visit. I love being back in Haslach and Germany. I feel so at home here. After being picked up in Hausach by my aunt, running some errands for the next day, I wandered around the streets of Haslach, visiting my favorite stores and admiring the familiar landscape.

Schmutziger Donnerstag:
Summary....If Halloween and Carnival had a baby and then some crazy 150 year traditions thrown in too.

the town all decorated

 5:15 am - you wake up, put on leggings, underhosen, a long traditional night gown, a night cap, really thick striped socks, straw slippers and a bandanna in a wooden pretzel. Basically, think Mr. Scrooge in the Christmas Carol.
Super attractive

 6:00 am - You meet the town in the center of the old city to start the carnival parade. Behind the carnival master, everyone walks around the old city walls making a cacophony of noise, ringing all of the doorbells to wake up the people in Haslach. We started with about 75 people and by 7am we have over 200.
the stork
parade master

7:00 am - You go to the oldest restaurant in old town to have potato and ham soup.  

8:00am - the people of the carnival parade visit kindergarten to liberate them for the day.

9:00 am - they free the students at regular school

11:00 am - The carnival parade visits the city hall, they put on a crazy show and the carnival parade takes over the key to the city and might keep it for the next 5 days. After the ceremony, they pass out endless champagne and pretzels to everyone.

After a long day of festivities and the bars with my cousins, I jumped on a train back to Zurich, just in time to fall asleep, wake up and jump on a plane back to California.

Oh, and then, while sitting in the airport, I get this via picture message from my aunt...

Do you see anyone familiar....

How about now... with a red hat? That's right, I made the front page of the newspaper.


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