A Foodie Sanctuary

I have found my foodie zen place. I literally want to pull up a stool at every vendor and devour whatever they serve me. Everywhere you go, you'll find vendors offering fresh-cooked food, sometimes while perched on little plastic seats around a makeshift picnic table, others are to go on a stick. It seems as though you can wander the streets of Thailand for weeks, pointing at every single thing that looks tasty, eat until you burst, all without ever trying the same thing twice. And you'd have difficulty spending more than around $10 a day doing it. This is what heaven must be like. Sweet, curry, vegetable, rice, noodle and meat filled heaven.

Thai ice tea
Durian - the most disgusting smelling fruit in the world. "Your breath will smell as if you’ve been french kissing your dead grandmother" Anthony Bourdain
Not food, but might fool you in case you we're paying attention
mmmmm grilled corn
Fried quail eggs and all the meats on a stick

 Stuffed and salted cod and barbequed squid

 This guy was making fresh sugar can juice. 
Duane - "this reminds me of my childhood and makes my heart happy"

What kind of fried rice do you want?
Or maybe just regular rice?
Smoothies! A diet staple.
Fried crickets or larva? Anyone?

To take it to the next level, D and I decided to do a cooking school here in Chiang Mai to help us cook amazing Thai food back at home. There are hundreds of cooking schools to choose from, but we went with Thai Farm Cooking School Chiang Mai based off a friends recommendation. So we escaped from the bustling city for a day and ventured about 45 minutes into the country side to learn how to cook authentic Thai food, while surrounded by rice patties and the organic farm. We cooked/ ate for about 5 hours and had a blast. Our teacher, Benny, was freaking hilarious and we had a great group. Don't worry people back home (*cough Shelby *cough), we are coming back with a cookbook to share with you.

D helping pick some of the herbs in the garden for our dishes 
First Course:
S - Tom yam soup
D - Tom koa soup

Second Course:
S - Yellow curry and chicken with basil
D - Green curry and sweet and sour chicken
with papaya salad, sticky rice and jasmine rice

No fun being had here!

Third Course:
S - Pad thai
D - Spring rolls

S - Mango sticky rice
D - Bananas in coconut milk

Now excuse me while I return back to my food coma. Off to the south of Thailand, Phuket, tomorrow to start of beach portion of the trip!


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