A Day Trip To Manly For The Birthday Boy

Happy birthday to my wonderful hubby! To celebrate, the MacGregors joined us on an adventure to Manly, a beach suburb of Sydney. We jumped on the ferry at Darling Harbor to Circular Quay and then a 30 min ride to Manly.

The one and only adorable Myka

Birthday boy!

For lunch and beer tasting, we went to Manly's local brewery, because where else would you go for D's birthday? Answer: no where else. The food was great, the beers were pretty darn good (so I was told), the service? Terrible, horrible, the worst. 
Image result for 4 pines brewery
Friends that drink and travel together, stay together :)

After our longer than anticipated lunch, we walked over to the beach and boardwalk-esk area to get some ice cream (because birthday), window shop and peruse the craft fair. 


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