All Roads Lead to Rome

Well, in this case, trains. ROME! Such a cool city. Within a very short period of time, Duane and I both gravitated to the city and the vibe. We set down our bags in our apartment and set off for the afternoon. Immediately after we crossed the Tiber River, in a small square there was a man who was blowing bubbled for children so we let Gray play. I think it was probably the highlight of his trip. Endless giggles, squeals of delight, and ear to ear smiles. After dragging G away. We hiked up Gianicolo Park - the eighth hill of Rome - for some of the best views in the city. Tuesday, we took a free tour and learned a bit more about the cities history. Tiber River....also, the original height of Rome Castel Sant'Angelo Pantheon, the temple of every god, is a former Roman temple from 126 AD (no big deal or anything), and is now a church and is is one of the best-preserved of all Ancient Roman buildings. Trevi Fountain Note t

Roman Ruins

With archaeological site littered throughout the city, so much so that it seems that you stumble upon upon a one at every corner, it would take years to see it all. Today we conquered three of them, the Roman Forum, Palantine Hill, and the Colosseum. D and I love nerding out over cool archaeological museums so this was so cool for us. If allowed, we could have spent HOURS here.  Arch of Titus: This is a triumphal arch that commemorates Rome's victory over Jerusalem. It was built after the death of the emperor Titus. Walking down Via Sacra, the main street in ancient Rome Arch of Septimius Severus The Temple of Saturn Dadding hard Arch of Constantine Colosseum, the main symbol of Rome

My Catholic Pilgrimage

I'm Catholic(ish). I was raised VERY catholic; church every Sunday, first communion, confession, Sunday school, observed lent (even the whole abstain from meat on Fridays part), christian summer camps, conformation, est. Now? Meh, not so much, BUT how could I come to Rome and NOT go to the Vatican?! During HOLY WEEK??? The Catholic guilt would be too much. With Grayson in tow and D's aversion to big crowds (it's weird Howard thing *COUGH* Carrie *COUGH*), we opted for the early entrance (7:15am) with breakfast. Post breakfast we were set free in the museums an hour early before the general public, so we dashed for the Sistine Chapel to avoid the crowds. It was awe inspiring. Stunning. Mind-blowing to think that it was painted in 4-years, by an inexperienced painter who was known for his sculptures. In summary, after spending all day at the Vatican, what I learned was the Vatican kicks ass at ceiling art. To be fair, the Church has never been know