Our Last Days in Barcelona

Friday morning D and I work up and meandered over to Museu d'Història de Barcelona over in Plaça del Rei. The museum focuses on conserving and researching the historical heritage of the city of Barcelona, from its origins in Roman times until the present day. As you go through the museum, you descend into the lower depths of the city to see an archaeological site displaying remains of the ancient Roman city. 

After, we walked along the harbor down to the La Barceloneta district and the beaches along the Mediterranean Sea.

Ahhhhh Spain in November

The Mediterranean Sea in November... ps, it was also 70 degrees outside
Got some drinks while enjoying the view

D's first time "swimming" in the Mediterranean 
on our way back we stopped to get AMAZING paella
Fira Artesana market in Plaça del Pi where they sell local homemade honey, wine, nuts, chocolate and cheese. I'm pretty sure they should just rename it to "Sarah's most favorite things in the whole wide world" market. I'll bring it up at the next city hall meeting with my stellar Spanish, I'm sure they will be totally fine with it.
Today was fairly low key. We started the day by wandering through Parc de la Ciutadella.

Arc de Triomf... the victory arch of nothing
Parc de la Ciutadella
Cascada Monumental, designed by Gaudi when he was an architecture student.

Picnic in the park with Catalonia olives, cheese, meats and figs.
Churros and chocolate
A little slice of heaven
And THIS is how you properly end a week in Barcelona, with a bottle of local family wine on our terrace.
Off to phase III of the European tour! Driving in Europe! ........... Pray for us.... we might need it.

Things we learned
  • People walk around trying to sell one six pack of beer... It's weird
  • When I try to speak Spanish it comes out German. I've been getting some funny looks...
  • Frittatas are all over here, they call them tortas and I love them. 
  • Spain has a surprisingly good microbrewery culture with a solid selection.
  • People smoke a lot of weed or spliffs here.


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