Never Stop Wondering, Never Stop Wandering

Wednesday and Thursday were pretty low key and quiet, a nice break between adventures. D had his conference at a local hotel which left me to wander the city a bit by myself before I checked in with work and had a few meetings.
Wandering the alleys of  Ciutat Vella
Found a nice place to sit and have lunch in Parc de la Ciutadella,
and another to read my book,

stumbled upon a market,
found some good chocolate,

second lunch? and,
some work (our apartment's terrace).

Things we have learned
  • George Lucas found inspiration for his stormtrooper's helmets from the chimneys at Gaudí's Casa Mila 
  • Barcelona's beaches did not exist before the 1992 Olympic Games. It wasn’t until the city’s redevelopment that they moved their industries and converted the seaside into beaches, which also meant buying and shipping sand from Egypt.
  • Barcelona is lacking in good coffee despite an abundance of cafes 


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