Casa Rural Sharíqua and Jérica

Our little mountain B&B
Getting here was a little... funny to say the least. Everything was going fine, normal highways, rotaries to the 11th power, learning Spanish driving road signs and markings, some questionable Google directions (seriously Google?), but that is all to be expected in a road trip. The last 5 mins is where I pulled a classic Sarah (Chrissy, you'll appreciate this); when we had to exit the highway, go around one last round-a-bout, and then got directed onto a one lane dirt road, in the pitch black darkness of the mountains and had to drive for 3 or 4 miles with no way of turning around, all while praying that Google didn't just fuck us over. Well, we found my rural little B&B, and they weren't kidding when they said rural.

Our initial impression was limited due to our arrival at night; however, in the morning, we could see how simply beautiful our surrounding were. Casa Rural Sharíqua is really an exquisite bed and breakfast is hidden in the El Toro mountains. Surrounded by 5 acres of ancient gnarled olive trees, fig, nut, honorable pine and oaks trees, takes the properties the rustic charm to a whole new level. Throughout the house, including our private balcony, you can enjoy the silhouette of Jérica with the legendary Mudéjar bell tower and Peña Escabia mountain in the distance.

our view
We walked the 10 mins to get into the town from Casa Rural Sharíqua, which is a tiny little town with only about 1,500 which includes all of the surrounding farming areas. The old town, picturesquely situated on a small hill surrounded by a river valley, has grand watchtowers and beautifully simple archways, the remains of an Arab fortress, churches from the 12th to the 18th century.
Casa Rural Sharíqua

river valley of the Río Palancia

and off to Madrid!


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