Lederhosen and Dirndl

It is the blog post you all have been waiting for 
and I promise it was worth the wait.

When one goes to Oktoberfest, one must wear the traditional cultural attire. Lederhosen and Dirndls! My mom's friend lent Duane and Tom her husbands traditional Lederhosen, so that left Alexis and I to find some Dirndls! After a shopping day of giggles, figuring out what cut and colors we wanted, we bought some too!

Who wears short (Lederhosen) shorts!? Tom and Duane do! 
We kept telling them to flash those white thighs!

On Sunday we went to Oktoberfest in the afternoon to see what this fair was all about. It was amazing! every other time I have come to visit Munich I have seen the Oktoberfest field empty, giant grass squares with cement paths. When people told me there were beer tents, I thought the plastic tents at weddings or events. My impression couldn't have been further from reality. These are actual BUILDINGS constructed for only 2 weeks, but actually take 6-8 weeks to construct. AND These massive ginormous buildings that are at least a city block long. Well, to immerse ourselves in this culture we went to the Löwenbrau beer gardens outside of the tents to have beers and enjoy the merriment. 

On Monday, we went around Marienplatz, saw the Hofbräuhaus and walked around the English Gardens.
The Chinesischer Turm
In My Dirndl!

Tuesday we went over to Oktoberfest again for lunch with Fabian and experienced the live action inside the tents. Oh my, was that an experience. These tents are incredibly crowed and it is almost impossible to find a seat. We went to Spaten for our first round of beers and then for the second, Löwenbrau. At Löwenbrau, we some how got a reserved table without having a reservation. Beginners luck! Such a great day!



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