le château de Versailles

Today we traveled outside of Paris to explore Versailles. We got a park pass so we could explore everything!

Versailles Palace
Hall of Mirrors
The Palace is amazing, but the gardens are BY FAR my favorite part of this estate. I have been telling Duane for some time, that the last time I went, I wandered around the right side gardens for 8 hours. This was my attempt to explain how absolutely ginormous the grounds are. Well I failed. We were standing inside the château and he looked out the window and was aghast at the sheer size of what he could see. As we were walking around (we totaled 9 miles today) we were just in awe about what people could create with such imagination, thought, talent and with so little technology.

At the top of the gardens

Our picnic lunch 
Marie-Antoinette's farm



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