Exploring Paris

We have been having so much fun wandering this amazing city, and stumbling upon all of the treasures it has to offer. Here are some pictures of our adventures so far!
Chrissy and Max came to visit our first night

Pont Neuf

The Musée du Louvre and the Louvre Palace

Wine tasting at Caves Saint Vincent

We went to Note Dame on Saturday and to our surprise, we walked in on mass! We stood on the side of the giant alter and listened to the prays and songs surrounding communion. The choir was singing, the giant organ was playing, and together their music was all encompassing, which was just overwhelming. I have never been in a church so large for anything like this.

Notre Dame Cathedral
Inside during mass

Eiffel Tower

Moulin Rouge

We went to musee Pompidou during the Nuit Blanche (an event where there is art all of the city and some museums stay open till 2am). By the pink lights there was a DJ playing rave like music and as we came out of the museum there was a massive group of people dancing. Duane and I got a banana Nutella crepe and and watched the madness.

musee Pompidou 
Artists Square in the Montmartre

Sacré-Cœur Basilica

The view from the top after climbing 300 stairs
in a narrow spiral staircase
Arc de Triomphe


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