Home Sweet Home... for ~33 days

We have finally arrived back in Zurich, Switzerland after Part 1 of our European adventure! Now it is time to start Part 2; Duane going to work in the Zurich Google office on Monday, while I am left to explore the area on my own as a short term expat/citizen (depends on what passport you look at) and work on my research.

We arrived in Zurich yesterday afternoon after leaving Lyon. The train only took 6 hours with a transfer in Geneva. So needless to say, after 2+ weeks of traveling, lots of walking, living out of bags and trains, we are ready to settle down in one place for a while.... at least for the work week that is.

The Google apartment is absolutely fantastic. We are on the top floor of an apartment building (7th floor to be exact, no need for a stair master here!) with a 2 floor apartment. The first floor is 2 bedrooms and the living area, upstairs is the master bedroom/our bedroom. The apartment is also in a great area, Duane only has a ~5 minute walk to the office! Such a nice change from his usual commute. I will make sure to explore the area and blog about it. :)

Our Apartment 

Our guest room (hint hint, nudge nudge)

Living room


Our giant attic bedroom with private bathroom
and washer/dryer! You have no idea how precious this is to me after traveling.
We have windows all around the room too!

My little reading/work area under the stairs. Where do those
stairs lead you ask?

To our

private roof top deck

with a 360* view. 
Overall, I don't think I will be terribly sad to live here for a month.


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