Let Me Count the Ways...

...of why I love Munich. I remembered how much I loved this city, but upon arrival, I remebered the amount. In my opinion, this is the best city in Europe (that I have seen thus far). The history, buildings, the people, everything here screams to me "you know you want to move here". It is my San Francisco of Europe. After wandering around for the last few day I am seriously considering of looking for a job here in one of the Universitiey or something when I get back to the states...

Sunday. After saying goodbye to Vienna and a 4 hour train ride (with no ploblems, love German trains) I arrived in a very very hot Munich. They have been having a crazy heat wave here and thunderstorms that are wild. On the first night my friends family and I did the typical Bavarian night; we packed up a picnic, rode our bikes to the local beer garden and had dinner accompanied by a few liters of beer and a live poka band. God I love this place.

On Monday I had a Frauentag with my friends mom which consisted of lots of shopping :). Then later that night we went to Tollwood with is at the Olymicpark and is a music festiable that has food from around the world, tons of local bands, booths selling anything and everything from bread to crazy wooded statues. You just walk around and take it all in.

Tuesday was my typical day of taking a tour of the city and wandering around this fabulous city. Today I am off to Dacau for a more somber day.


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