Last days in the Czech

After wandering around this little city for 2 days I am ready to say goodbye and head off to Vienna tomorrow morning.

A point of interest; the train system in the Czech is about as good as they are in Italy. For those of you who don't know what Im talking about, let me put it this way, they are normally late, run down and dysfunctional. Like my ride getting here. We left the station 10 mins late, for some reason half way through the ride we had to get off at some random place (not a train station may I add) in the Czech, take a bus for 20mins, get back on a train leave that station late, arrive at the intended destination 45 min late, take the next train running 15 min late which had wooden benches as seats. I swear the theme of this trip is "how interesting can my traveling get"... haha.

So I am off to concur the Czech train system again tomorrow. I have 3 train transfers to get to Vienna... so the potential for mishap is quiet high...


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