Exploring Prague

Yesterday Amber and I were on a MISSION; a mission to bargain shop. I found a local market called Pražská tržnice, that is right outside of the main city. This thing was massive, but we got amazing prices on lots of stuff that we would have been charged triple the price in the tourist areas. Later that night Am and I went to go see our very first Opera (I know, how cultured am I right?). We scored $5 tickets in the nose bleed section, but it still had a great view. The performance was interesting, the music, beautiful. Very Cold War-esk (several references of 'Mother Moscow' clued me in on that one), but overall very enjoyable.

Today Am and I were both draggggggging our feet, solution? Hang out in the park reading and eating sandwiches. Nevertheless, since we are only here for a short time and had not even seen the other side of the city, we went on a free tour of the Castle and the surrounding area. We got our butt kicked on a 2.5 hr long tour, and let me tell you, I had my workout for the day!

Prague is such and interesting city. There is a wall, John Lennon Wall to be exact, that upon his death, young Czechs kept painting his picture on the wall no matter how many time the Soviets would paint over it. Now the city allows that portion of the wall to be gaffitied. Some of the art work is extraordinary.

Today's List

-Observations of Czech Behaviors-

~ Flowers- It seems as though flower bouquets are extremely popular... not 5 mins go by and I dont see several people (men and women of all ages) carrying one... is it an accessory? I am not sure
~ Love Affairs- From what Ive observed are similar to the stereotypical French; wildly passionate and a wild rollercoster
~ Making out - I am not sure if it is the local sport here, but omg the amount of PDA is ridiculous, and lets say its leaning towards R than PG-13...
~ Languages- The idea of me coming close to understanding the Czech language is laughable, but THANK GOD their second language is English
~ Shopping- Like Mexico, the small markets encourage bargaining; 1) the shop sellers will call out to you, grab your arm to try and get your attention - not.ok.; 2)If you speak English, you are therefore German; 3) Since I am American, I therefore NEED to have Gucci and Vercace.
~ Opera- Opera singers to not open their hands


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