Last Day

After 32 days in Europe, it unfortunatly is time for me to head back home to reality, ie looking for a job and attemping to start my new life as an "adult". Im not going to lie, Im not looking forward to ditching this Peter Pan-esk life style. I dont think grown-up is a good look for me. Just saying.

Last night there was a ridiculous thunderstorm. Right outside my window is a massive construction crane and at some points I thought the lightning was going to hit it. I got some amazing pictures though. After getting all of my things together eariler today, I headed off to the English Gardens with Fabian to relax, swim, and enjoy the Isar river. It was so nice just sitting in the shade, reading and being apart of the local city scene... its all so bitter sweet when I know Ill be cramped into a plane for about 16 hours tomorrow.

So my friends\family, by this time tomorrow my feet will be firmly planted on USA soil and I will be back. I look forward to seeing\talking to you soon!!!! <3


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