An American 4th of July in the Czech

Ahhh Cesky Krumlov.... Im Krum-loving it! Such a cute little town, very small and quaint. With lots of swimming :) Which always makes this girl happy.

The first day I got here I was on a mission to see the Germany vs Argentina game... 4-0! What what!!! I randomly met 2 guys from Nevada and a couple from Australia during the game and hung out with them all night. The two guys actually run the pub crawls in Prague and were having their whole crew coming in for the weekend to hang out and go rafting, and they invited me along!

Yesterday on July 4th I went water rafting for 6 hours down the Vltava River with about 10 Americans, 1 Irish and 1 Canadian, junk food and more beer than was ever needed. I think oddly enough it was the most stereotypical 4th of July I have ever had and I was in the Czech Republic... It was a holiday weekend here in the Czech so everyone was out to have a good time and there were so many people on the river doing the same thing and it was a freak'n blast!!!!!! Although we did miss our pick up stop by like 2 miles and they had to come and find us... at 8:30 at night... when we started at 2...

Last night and today there has been raining on and off and now there is thunder and lightning. So might have to hang out for a while before I can go explore more.

Love all of you!


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