A WHOLE Different World

Hello Eastern Europe, ie the Czech Republic's capital, Prague.

Ive been alllllll over western Europe and am pretty familiar with the cultures there, because they are not to different from my own. Now you are asking, "well Sarah, how does Prague compare?". Great Question, it doesn't. Even though the Wall fell 21 years ago this November, you can STILL feel the drastic difference. Its a strange feeling.

Last night when Amber and I came into the city and walked around it we were unsure of how much we would like it. But I am happy to say after taking a tour and exploring the nicer parts (not the sex district or the hookers we saw the previous evening which made me LAUGH, I was like wait, how did I get back to Amsterdam again?) I think it is a nice city.

So as I discover interesting tid bits about this city I've decided I am going to make daily lists for you so you can just imagine the funny things going through my head (cause you know I always have a comment for everything).


-Women's Clothing-

~ When you think your showing too much skin, take off another layer
~ See through white clothes are ALWAYS acceptable
~ Bathing suits are a suitable top in public (not close to a river, lake, pool or body of water)
~ Heels? Yes please, and how high?
~ You know your a tourist when your boobs are not LITERALLY falling out of your plunging V-neck tank top with your push up bra that creates a shelve of cleavage
~ These pants and Capri that have elastic at the knee or ankle and poof out (they remind me of MC Hammer or Vanilla Ice back in the day) EVERYONE wears them!


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