Summary of Haslach

Sorry for the large gap in the blogs, I know you are all sitting at the edge of your seat waiting for me to post again. Lo and behold here I am!!!!! So instead of telling you all about the wildness in which visiting family always is, I will summarize...

Say hello to everyone, meet up with my other Aunt and cousin from the USA then later than night all of the US cousins, Valeska, Florian and their friends go out to the club in Haslach... lots of dancing, shots and Germans

MASSIVE family bbq, we are talking like 3rd and 4th cousins big at the Bollenbach farm house where most of our parents were born

Hiking up in the Black Forest to Hileger Brünnen and to the top of the ridge... definitely got an ass workout

family stuff

went to my cousins WORKING farm out in the middle of no where.... learned that I can not handle the smell of farm animals, rather have my nose hairs burned off...

Went to Frieberg to go shopping.... may or may not have bought 36 bars of Swiss chocolate and heels.... Public viewing - GERMANY WON!!!!!

Went to Trieburg, hiked up to the largest waterfalls of Europe (theyve got nothing on Yosemite) and of course got the the lack Forest tour from our Uncle.

My cousins 30th birthday... our parents got more drunk than us... we made them walk home 45 mins at 2am... we came home at 4am

more family meals and then the pool

Strasbourg, France and PUBLIC VIEWING - GO GERMANY

Off to Prague with Amber only. Let the real adventures begin


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