Jet Lag

Yesterday was a much better start to this trip than the previous days. After one of the best nights sleep I have ever had in my life, we woke up, got ready and headed off to a tour that took us through the wine country surrounding Zurich Lake. It was so pretty! Not like Napa though, the vineyards were in between all of the houses. I am sure as you get father out in the country it is more spread out. We ended up on the complete other side of the lake in a town called Rapperswil. We explored there for a while and then took a boat back all the way to Zurich. A great way to see everything.

Since everything is amayingly expensive here for a reason I don't know why (like Im talking about me paying 20 dollars on average for a small meal, even in non-tourist areas) we ate on the roof top of our hostel with salad and some other things from the market. Amber and I are having to use our experience of being poor college students to the max here. If I got anything out of college, it was that haha! As we were sitting on the roof, the ugly black clouds moved in and starting to rain and some lightning. At this time we decided sitting on a roof surrounded by metal was no the best idea.

We head off to Haslach tomorrow to start our family festivities. It will be nice to have an actual apartment and lots of homemade German food yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


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