My Second Homeland

Germany. Last summer, my cousin Florian emailed me that he and his long time girlfriend, Martina, were engaged. So amazing! Another excuse to go to Europe! I love those. Through planning and limited by PTO, I decided we would rent a car and explore the Bavarian Alps South of Munich and make our way to the Black Forest for our first traditional German wedding.

Yesterday, Mom, John, Duane and I landed in the second best city in the world, Munich (Fact: San Francisco is number one). Hello old friend. It has been far too long. Struggling, but desperately trying to stay awake, we made our way to our respective hotels just in time for a much needed shower. To accomplish not passing out at 7pm and inevitably making my jet lag unbearable for the next 5 days, we met up with my good friend Fabian for dinner and drinks in the student neighborhood around the University. Man, did I miss my German food and my friend. 

Sunday was our only day in the city before Duane and I head south into the Bavarian Alps, so naturally, I needed to soak in as much of this city as I could. We met up with Fabian and his girlfriend, Marion, to go to opening weekend of Frühlingsfest, aka Oktoberfest in the Spring or the little sister of Oktoberfest. Who knew, I didn't. Alas, it was raining. We found a great beer pub and some nommy Bavarian food. Later on we met up for dinner and shot some really, really, REALLY pathetic games of pool, but had some great belly laughs to go with it.

This is what I look after six hours of sleep and two lattes post international flight
Getting my zen on


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