Essential and practical vs the big bad airline weight limit… and my back.

I am all packed up! After about 2 days of pondering, thinking, matching, calculating and finding the best geometrical packing pattern to fit as many clothes as humanly possible into my backpack while being restrained by a weight limit, I am done. I swear, packing for trips like this is one of the hardest puzzles. Figuring out what stays, what can be used in multiple clothing categories, and what is just non-essential even though it’s the cutest shirt ever, but you have 5 others in the same color; men just don’t understand! It’s hard! And to answer your question, yes of course I have to bring my 4 inch heels across the Atlantic, even if it means it takes up space and weigh a ton; those are essential and practical…. Anyways, I am done and got everything in for only 37lbs! I might not be so excited when I have to carry that thing around from place to place, but… oh well, I’ll just do it in my 4 inch heels to lighten my load. (and don't worry about the other bags, they are full of gifts and will be ditched quickly.)


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