Expovina - Zurich's International Wine Fair

We started our Sunday off with a 1.5 hour boat ride around the lake (Sunday morning beverages included) with our great friend Andreas!

Remember this gem?
The Alps

After our boat ride, and some much needed Kabob for lunch, we walked over to the Bürkliplatz docks for the Wine Expo. Expovina has been a Swiss institution for more than a half-century, every year a total of 170 professionals from 22 countries and 5 continents bring and estimated 4,000 wines from 22 countries and 5 continents are spread across 12 different boats. We were pretty excited. We wandered around the boats tasting champagne, pino nior, chardonnay, but upon group discussion, we decided that the Portugal/Spanish ports stole the show. We tasted vintage, medal winning, 10 and 20 year old ports that were beyond amazing; however, the BEST one was from 1964 and was about $150 for 35ml. That's right, they let us try a 40+ bottle of port and we can officially died a little more happy now. 

Some of the 12 boats

Happy campers


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