Over The Mountains And Through The Woods, To Aunties House We Go!

Germany. It feels so good to be back. We went to visit my family in Haslach for the weekend since we had not been back since April, 2016. However, this time, Grayson and his cousin Hannes were a part of the group (born only 4 months apart).

Friday afternoon we took the train to Freiburg where my cousin, Florian, picked us up at the train station after work and we drove into the valleys of the Black Forest. We had wonderful food, good wine/beer, great talks, got to remember and speak German, looked at old pictures, provided IT support, shopping around town (Germany is so cheap!!!!), and walks around the town center. It was so great to see my family again. To catch up with them about everything that has changed in the last 2 years. To see this cute little town that has become so familiar to me. Till next time Germany. I'll miss you.


Morning reading with Michaela and Ludwig


Groß Cousins


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