Lugano! The Swiss-Mediterranean

Oh Lugano, even when you are raining you are beautiful; your lake, alpine scenery, adorable downtown, and parks, all of it. We got in just in time for nap time for G. After we walked downtown and found something to eat.

 We walked around the lake.

Swiss like George Washington?

found some puddles to jump in

and enjoyed the nonstop epic views
 Sunday, we met up with Andreas and family at the park next to the train station, Parco Del Tassino

Nikolas and Gray hanging out

Oh how much has changed in 10 years

Sunday night we had a great dinner at Andreas house with the family filled with amazing food, fantastic wine, endless entertainment with kids, and heartwarming talks. Makes you wish that all your friends lived close. But for now, goodbye Switzerland! Next, FLORENCE!!!

Also, vending machines in the US definitely don't have 1) condoms or 2) cannabis tea...also, what is a Bifi?


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