Old Friends

The last few days have made my heart full. I've seen two of my old friends who live in Europe and had dinner with a friend from CA.

On Tuesday, my friend from my old travel days, Andreas, came by our apartment to say hello for lunch since he was in town for a meeting.

My beautiful friend Katie also works for Google and was also in town for business! So we seized the opportunity to have a fondue dinner together in old town Zurich on Wednesday night at a place I had never tried, Le Dézale. Their fondue was the best I have ever had! And for those who are gluten free, they have GF bread and they brought me my own pot of cheese (so there was no contamination) free of charge! Without me even asking!

Lastly, my friend Fabian and his girlfriend came from Munich to visit our last days in Zurich. I met Fabian when he was a foreign exchange high school student living with my aunt in NorCal in 2006. One weekend they came to visit me at college in San Francisco and the rest is history.

It wouldn't be a trip to Zurich without stopping by at Café Schober

he had very important phone calls to make via computer mouse
On Saturday morning, it was time to leave Zurich and head out on our next adventure/vacation! We said our goodbyes and promptly jumped on a train south to Lugano to rendezvous with Andreas, again, and his beautiful family.


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