Meine erste Woche mit Grayson

I've been to Zürich many times, however, this is the first time I've had to entertain a toddler in the city. The mornings were a little rough this week due to Grayson wanting to party for 4-5 hours in the middle of the night, but we are slowly adapting and getting a routine. Tuesday night he finally flipped to sleeping through the night again. My work schedule starts at 12, just in time for G's nap, then after he wakes up, I take him to a per hour daycare just down the road where D picks him up after work. It's nice because we get to have our mornings together, then Gray has time to play with other kids and become immersed in the culture. I will say that it has also been a challenge as this is Grayson's first time in daycare. It was been a bit rough on him, but he is slowly adjusting.

 So here is a bunch of pictures of what Grayson and I have been up to this week

(Side note: the Swiss people are EXTREMELY helpful when you have a small child. I cannot tell you how many times random people have offered to help me with my stroller on/off the train or going up stairs without me having to ask.)

There are always various musicians playing music along the lake. 

I wish it was this available in the US

Visited Daddy at the internet on Wednesday

This street always makes me think of Harry Potter

Rain clouds rolling in

Apparently the Swiss care about Tonya Harding?

The snow capped Alps in the distance. I think one of my favorite parts about Zurich is that you can be walking down a very urban street, to turn a corner and catch a beautiful view of the Alps framed by buildings that date back to the 1400s.

Feeding the birds some bread at Zurich Lake

Off to Germany for the weekend!


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