The German Wedding

Haslach! We arrived to our little town Thursday evening, checked into our little apartment, to then walk over to the families house for a traditional German dinner. Have I mentioned how much I love being in Germany? It was so nice seeing everyone again, particularly for such a special occasion. Last summer, my cousin Florian emailed me that he and his long time girlfriend, Martina, were engaged and this weekend is the wedding!

These three, such trouble makers.
Friday we showed John around the town, did some shopping, went to Bollenbach to taste and buy locally made schnapps.


Schnapps tasting
Mmmmmmmm Schnapps

Saturday was wedding day! Germans are crazy. They start their weddings at 2pm and then party till 5am. I cannot keep up with this.

Sunday after saying our goodbyes, we drove through the countryside to meet some more family for lunch. 


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