So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen and adieu

Being that this was our last week in the States until Thanksgiving, there is a laundry lists of hugs and 'see you soon's that needed to happen on top of our usual preparation (e.g., packing, cleaning, organizing, yard stuff...)

Thursday was my "last day" at the office. A crucial funding decision will be made on October 1st which will determine whether or not I have a job when we come back from Europe (... insert moment of panic here). This prompted many farewells, hugs and loose ends that needed to be tied up. On Tuesday, my fantastic team threw me a going away/we-hope-come-back-after-your-trip lunch that comprised of oodles of homemade gluten free treats. No matter what happens on October 1st, I feel so fortunate to have worked with such an inspirational group who work so hard to make a difference for our elderly Veterans and caregivers. I never imagined I would learn so much about life, health care and the world while working with them. In a time where most people dread going to work, not once did I feel that way, and I feel blessed. 

On Friday I headed over to the city for a shnuggle sleepover mit mein numero uno blonde und sister-wife-for-life, Ms. Chrissy Lowe. As usual, it was filled with mischief,  giggles and chit chat. We went over to Fort Mason for Off The Grid, (i.e., a bunch of the local food trucks congregate in one place creating a food heaven vortex), where we met some friends and got Korean BBQ, sweet potato fries covered in Indian Tikka Masala sauce and to top the night off, crème brûlée. Yummy. Chrissy and I woke up on Saturday to fantastic San Francisco weather, like the type of day you dream of, sunny, warm and just breath taking. After saying Au revoir until we met again in Paris, I headed home to pack, clean some more, relax and meet some friends at our favorite local pub in downtown Concord.

Today was a family day. Mom invited all of the crazy family, the usual suspects, over for a wonderful Mexican BBQ. Slow cooked beef shoulder tacos, homemade guacamole and salsa, bbq corn on the cob, oh man, I was in heaven! There was laughter, love, full bellies, and smiles all around. I could not think of a better send off for Duane and I.

Much like last week, this week is filled with dinners with great friends, in addition to some much needed baby time with my new niece Lizzy and my awesome best friend/best-new-mom-ever Meaghan, a mani/pedi, finishing up all of my projects for my research, adjusting being on vacation, and savoring every moment in my amazing bed before I leave it for two months.

It is all becoming real.

2.5 days


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