1 Backpack and 1 Suitcase vs My Closet and 53 days

Game on.

Packing. I hate this part of long trips. I love autumn and all of the clothes that come with it. The unfortunate side to this is I have tons of clothing I love and want to wear, which leads me to my dilemma (poor me I know). Practicality/dual purpose vs. but I want it vs. the ultimate factor, space/weight limit. What is a girl to do?

Weather is a HUGE factor for packing on this trip in the most polar opposite way in comparison to my previous trips. The first half of our trip (Sept - mid October) temps can range from 61F (15C) to 41F (8C), with daily averages running around 52F, so it’s clearly not balmy weather we’re talking about here. But towards the end of the trip, mid October - mid November, we are talking about ranges between 55F-32F with an average of 41F. This part will be a little different for me, neither Duane or I have lived somewhere "cold" for an extended period of time, leading me to probably over pack for the temp difference. Yes, poor California kids. Boo hoo. The positive side to this is that we will be able to drop off half of our luggage at the Zurich Google office so that we only will have to carry what we need for the first two weeks. This will make our lives so much easier.

After weeks of pondering and making lists I ended up with this disaster.... 
After narrowing down some, packing, unpacking, repacking (repeat x2), making Duane book a second piece of luggage with Swiss Air for me, I ended up with this!...
3.5 days to go! 


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