Let the EU Adventure Begin! First Stop, Munich!

We made it to the EU and more importantly, Munich! After a long flight and barely any sleep we made it to Zurich with very few bumps in the road. Such a relief. After a second night of no sleep for both Alexis and I, despite utter exhaustion, we gave up and headed down for a fantastic German breakfast at 6:30am. It made me remember how much I miss German food. Good thing I have plenty of time to get my fill!

After that we headed to the train station to move on to our first full adventure, Munich! During this process we had to talk to the tickets people to validate out EuRail passes. To my surprise (and my groups), apparently I can still speak German. Hopefully, this dormant skill will keep getting better here the longer I stay.

Ready to conquer Europe again!

Waiting for our train to München

Tom and Alexis insisted that we buy these for the train when they found out I had never had them. 
French Macaroons from Sprüngli
We made it to Munich safe and sound, and are all situated in our apartment for the next couple of days. We walked around the old part of downtown. Saw the Neu Rathaus and Glockenspiel, ate traditional wursts and drank beer at the famous Augustiner and BOUGHT drindl for Oktoberfest.

Yes it is official, my European vacation has begun.


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