Australia! We're Coming For You!

The story may sound familiar; D's team started a new team and thus, we "must" go. Poor us. This time it will be 4 weeks in SYDNEY!!! We have never been there, so we are really excited to explore the city and add a new continent to our list!

We packed up the family, D, G, Oma, and myself for a 15 hour flight (gross) across the Pacific. Goodbye California summer, helllllllo Australia winter! Gray did really well on the flight, was asleep before we even took off, slept for 6 hours, and then took 3 naps. We really cannot complain about that. This kid is a born traveler.

Seriously, who looks this happy after a 15 hr flight? Not me.

Our new home is located in a high-rise in the densely populated Pyrmont inner-city suburb. It reminds me of a small European city; walkable, very quaint, lots of cafes, tons of eateries, and beautiful buildings.

Saturday, our first day, we situated ourselves and unpacked, then headed out into the city! We explored our neighborhood, Darling Harbor, Kings Warf, the legendary playground. We are only 3 blocks from Darling Harbor and the Pyrmont bridge which makes getting places incredibly easy.

Sunday, our first full day, was filled with walking, lots and lots of walking. We explored the Queen Victoria Building and found/bought amazing looking chocolate covered fruit, walked over to the top of Hyde park, saw St Mary’s Cathedral, then went through the Royal Botanical Gardens which were STUNNING. From there we met the walking path that goes along the waterside and walked all the way back to our apartment. We stopped at the main harbor, Circular Quay, to have a lovely lunch with a view. To top off the day, mom and I went to go see the Vivid light show in the harbor.

Monday was a national holiday! The Queen's birthday! Even though Queen Elizabeth's birthday is actually April 21 (coincidentally, same as my Dad), they celebrate it in June via a public holiday. Works for us! The one time I have felt in touch with my British heritage. It was such a beautiful day we decided to take a boat tour around the Harbor. After we sought out gelato near the Darling Harbor park before returning home for the evening.


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