Afternoon Adventures with Mom/Oma

Last Tuesday was the official first day of work for both D and I. Since I am working remotely from the Bay Area, I need to stay on west coast time, meaning, I am up working at 3am. It's kinda brutal, BUT the silver lining is that I am done with work at 11am. So, after sharing an afternoon nap with Grayson, he, my mom, and I can go have an afternoon adventure before dinner!

For our first adventure, we went to the fish market which is just down the road from our apartment. Its a big indoor market that has a bunch of fish stands with fish I have never seen before, and then a bunch of cute little stores. We picked up from delicious snapper fillets, some produce, wine and beer, and lamb sausages from the butcher.

HUGE crustaceans! 

Bagel shaped sushi, because why not

On Saturday, after swimming in the pool and nap time, we took the bus over to the Paddington neighborhood for the Paddington Market. The community based market supports local people passionate about their craft and the local community. There were artist of all trades which was fun to wander. Of course we ended up at the food area. I have been consistently impressed with the quality of food here and the amount of GF options. Today we got GF naan!! Plus some smoothies and D got some non GF pork buns, because he doesn't get them....well, ever... all while listening to some great live music.

Our typical schedule: Every morning these two had a swimming date! 

Afternoon naps with this crazy kid,

And then a date at the park!

Miss you Oma!


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