No Coffee, No Workie!: A Week In Die Schweiz

This week was busy with work for both D and I, but we found time to have some adventures. I made it my goal to find some great coffee shops to work in during the week to change up my working environment outside of our apartment.

First day with this weird new schedule. Today I spent a few hours in Plüsch Café Bar working. It is very trendy cafe decorated with modern minimalist decor, but still feels cozy and comfortable, and they can make a darn good latte. Another plus, it is 2 very short blocks from our apartment. Later that night I met up with D and some of his coworkers for drinks downtown at The International Beer Bar. D, of course, was super excited to continue his quest for unusual foreign beers, and I was rather excited to find really good ciders.

Welcome to my office
The view from our window
I walked over to Café New Zealand on Langstrasse, near the HB in search of my next coffee house. I was not disappointed; fantastic traditional NZ coffee - rich, smooth, aromatic, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. It is also a backpacker hotel so there a various worldly languages and people coming in and out all day.

Today I ventured into the heart of old town Zurich. While I was over there, I stumbled upon Canale Grande Cafe. I promptly ordered a piping hot coffee, then nestled into my little corner with my laptop. Why can't work always be like this?

I was limited to the apartment for most of the day due to crazy deadlines, meetings and doing laundry before we move on to our next destination. Nevertheless, when D got home, we went for a walk and (shockingly) ended up at a wine bar.

D joined me today at cafe Plüsch Café for a little work before we head off to Barcelona for phase II of the European Tour! Next stop, Spain!


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