Grüezi Nochmal

(note: Please read the next sentence in Robin Williams, RIP, radio voice from 
Good Morning Vietnam.*

Goooooooooooooooooood morning SWITZERLAND!!!!!!!!!

An opportunity came up a few months back for D to go to a conference in Barcelona, which we planned to go on together and turn into a vacation (because, we are really really good at that). Before heading to Spain, D was going to go work in the Zurich office for a week before I met up with him in Spain thinking that I wouldn't be able to swing the first part of the trip. Somehow, I managed to get permission to work from Zurich for a week (?!?!?!) and so here we are, again. This week will not be as exciting as previous trips, because, poor me, I will actually be working. Although, I am going to be on an east coast schedule and be working from 12 - 9pm, leaving my mornings open for adventure in the crisp fall air. I really do love this time of year.

Home for 6 days
D flew out on company time, and has been here for a day already. I took the Friday night flight and arrived Saturday afternoon. It was so nice to have everything already situated and the grocery shopping done in preparation for the Sunday city shut down before I arrived.

After a much needed shower and snack, we head out into the city! First stop was the wine bar one block from our house (trouble). Second stop, and to start the trip off right, (/make my German heart even more happy/keep me awake to a decent hour) we walked downtown to get my first traditional meal of the trip, wurst, at Zeughauskeller, a traditional Swiss German restaurant in old town. Lastly, to warm our souls via spiked hot coco and extra thick homemade whipped cream, we hung out at my favorite Conditorei, Cafe Schober, in old downtown all to prepare us for our leisurely walk back to our apartment in the chilly fall night air.

sooooooooooooooo good
Sunday we slept in and relaxed a bit to adjust to the new time zone. In the afternoon we set out to hike the Üetliberg. I love the view from the top this time of year, you can see the spectrum of fall colors in the valleys below.

Lastly, to end the weekend, we took the train 20 mins north east to Winterthur meet up with some of my (Swiss) German family for a homemade raclette feast which of course is always filled with laughter, wine and good food.

Oh Europe, I love you.

(*If you don't know what I am talking about, you fail. Do yourself a favor and go watch it now.)


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