A Weekend Around The Bay

This was a packed weekend of awesomeness.

Friday we went over to the city to hangout with Chrissy and Max for a double date. Chrissy and I went for a hike to Bernal Hill and slid down some super fast slides on the way there, loved it!

When Duane got to SF from work, we walked down to El Techo in the Mission for some rooftop drinks.
Can't beat a clear evening in SF

After, we walked over to Little Baobab for Senegalese food. One of my favorite places in SF.

Lastly to close the evening after a wine bar, we did some indoor put put golf at Urban Putt. So much fun and super unique.

Not your typical putt putt
Sunday morning Duane and I hit the pavement and ran 7 miles to train for our half marathons. Wasn't my fastest day, but I did it. After some lounging, we drove over to Alameda on the old Navy/Air Force base to take a tour of St. George Spirits.

Such a great view of the city
"Emotional support begins here" haha
How you make booze
The shark prop from the movie the Deep Blue Sea
Mmmmmm booze barrels
Our tasting list
To end such a good weekend, we went to Burma Superstar in Alameda. Drool! I love that place and I think I converted Duane too. 


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