A Transportation Conundrum

The next item on the "to do" list is figuring out how we are going to get from A to B. Some of the options are obvious, Zurich to Munich you take a train, but what about from Munich to Paris? And thus, my next Google search begins.

$500. It absolutely amazes me how much airlines will charge to travel 425 miles ONE WAY. Now to put this in perspective for you I did some additional research. From San Francisco to San Diego it is 459 miles, almost equidistant to Munich to Paris. Prices for a one way ticket? $75. I know it is not international so lets look up another example. Philadelphia to Montreal, 448 miles. $331. I am just floored. I don't know how these European airlines sleep at night. What "cheap" flights you can get from 3rd party airlines are have so many bad reviews that I don't know if I even want to take a chance, fearing I will be stranded or have to dispute a claim. Essentially, the goal is to avoid any possible resemblance of my last "adventure" getting to Europe (*note* please refer to Two Innocent Bystanders for a summary or ask Ms. Amber Wells, i.e., best.partner.in.crime.when.things.go.bat.sh**.crazy.).

So, I am in the process of looking around for the best deal that makes sense and of course I am looking at trains. After adding up all of the ticket prices that I would need to buy for each leg of the trip, I am think we might be investing in a EuroRail Pass. For almost half the price it would be to buy each ticket separately, you can buy a pass for three countries that share a boarder and for how many days you will be traveling for! Very  convenient. AND if you are traveling with another person? 15% discount! So, needless to say, this is the route Duane and I will be going for our travels.


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