Goodbye Winter, Hello 90 degrees and Humidity!

I leave for Panama tomorrow! The wait flew by so quickly with the holidays consuming my thoughts and all of the duties that go along with them. I am so excited to land in 85 degree weather (goodbye cold rain and 50 degree averages) and get a little sun. Wooooo vitamin D! I will say, with all of the storms and cold fronts, it has been rather odd packing sun dresses, shorts, bikinis and sun screen.

The flight plan is that I fly off to Miami at 9pm and from there land in Panama City at 1230pm on the 29th. There I will be welcomed by the beautiful Catherine, who just got finished spending Christmas in Columbia.

I also now have a large tag along with me. When Catherine’s parents found out I was visiting their daughter they had a favor to ask me. Cat’s Dad is apart of a Catholic Italian heritage group, The Knights of Columbus, who raised money to donate a wheel chair to Cat’s cite, to help some of the elderly to move around. It was going to cost over $1,000 to ship it, but now it will be my 2nd checked luggage! We will ship it from Panama City to Cat’s local post office and later in the week, I will help her bring it (i.e., hike it) to her cite. It will be exciting to see such a great thing happen from beginning to end.

Next blogs will be from Central America!


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