Getting Ready to Leave Once Again

As I start to mental and physically prepare for this next trip I think about how lucky I am to have so many opportunities to travel and experience the world like I have. I've been all over Europe, Mexico, the United States and now off I go to Panama. Now this trip will be a little (actually a lot) different from all of the others, (ie there is no all inclusive resort, and well, its not Europe in any sense), but Im excited for the challenge and the reality check.

Now I have been getting many questions as to my reason to go to Panama, for those of you who do not know, one of my wonderful best friends/ old roommates is in the Peace Corps down there, Miss Catherine Fabiano. Her assignment is working on environmental conservation with a Ngabe indigenous tribe in the Bocas Del Toro region, which is in the north eastern region bordering Costa Rica in the jungle. We have been talking about all of our plans and I am so excited! Its going to be one of the best New Years and birthdays ever!

Countdown 9 days!


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