Zürich: More than Finance and Fondue

This week was fairly quiet. One of the three siblings I used to babysit during high school and college was studying abroad in Florence, Italy this semester. It just so happened that her end of the semester coincided with us being in Zürich, so she stopped over for a visit on her way north. Megan and I explored the Üetliberg, we explored and had dessert at Google, ate some kebab and traditional Swiss/German food, explored coffee shops, went downtown, and relaxed.

Hi friend!
D getting deep with Yoda in the Google MK
Spring is so pretty here
mmmmmmmmmm kebab in old town
Megan went on a chocolate buying spree, girl after my heart.
My not so little anymore Megan :)
Thursday was a national holiday so D joined me at a coffee shop to work
Well, back to CA tomorrow! Till next time Europe.

Did you know that Zürich ...
  • is the wealthiest European city?
  • hosts Europe’s largest outdoor techno party? 
  • has a staggering 1224 fountains filled with drinking water?
  • was the birthplace of the weird and wacky Dada art movement? 
  • is the home of Europe's largest clock face (St. Peter's church)?
  • has as many public baths as Istanbul? 
  • that Lake Zürich is one of the top spots in Europe for skinny-dipping?
  • considers Chinese and Mexican food to be exotic and are hence pricey?


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