Ain't Life a Beach?

And we're off!.... Again. This weekend we drove down to the Central Coast for our good friends and D's college friend's joint 30th birthday party. We left the bay early, because Friday, and drove down to SLO to meet up with Jen, RJ, and the Motts for the Friday summer concert in Mission Plaza.

Saturday was everything I imagined it to be. Woke up late, had some coffee on the porch, lazy breakfast, afternoon lounging at Avila beach, lots of laughing, and then a kick ass party with a bunch of our friends.

Getting our puff paint art on

because why wouldn't you have personalized beer koozies with your own hashtag?
Some awesome dance moves were displayed
We call this sweet move the "Danielle" - see t-shirt below for the original
For the party, they had a crazy t-shirt contest, so naturally being the most amazing (horrible) friends, we found the worst/most embarrassing pictures of them and put them onto shirts. (Fact, a few pictures had never been seen by anyone, including the Wheelers. It was actually mythical until Saturday.) $20 they won't make that mistake again! And we totally won the t-shirt contest with RJ's "80's teenage heart throb" shirt. It really was a group effort.

The winners of the t-shirt contest, minus Jenn
All of the fantastic homemade t-shirts

Sunday we stopped by Justin winery to have some lunch and wine with our favorite Motts. Such a good weekend.


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