Planning for Thailand - Or Apparently My Death?

I have long said that I want to travel to Thailand. Most people look at me with a cocked head and wide eyes (a phenomenon I am very used to at this point in my life as I elicit that response frequently, I have no idea why.) Once I finish my statement that I want to go to the land of smiles, people ask "why" (with their cocked head and wide eyes as described above) and they never seem satisfied by my desire to eat non-stop Thai food, spring rolls or swim in a bowl of yellow curry while I eat it (great visual right? Don't worry, I would shower first). Their responses are "but the riots", "it's unstable", "you're going to die"; psssssh, what a bunch of worry warts! So, after months of planning, Duane and I finally booked our trip to Thailand! Late this winter we are escaping from the cold weather to bask in the hot, humid paradise for 2 weeks. We will start in Bangkok, head up the Chiang Mai and then finish on the beach in the south of Phuket. I am beyond excited and cannot wait to explore this country! 


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