San Francisco Nike Women's Half Marathon

This weekend was amazing. Friday night I had a great yoga class and then Meaghan and one of my favorite little people came over for a sleepover. 
I was told someone needed to get some "work" done
Saturday after a pancake requested breakfast (who can turn down a 2 year old when the request was complimented with our pancake dance? - answer, no one), I went for my last run before the half marathon, a short 2 miles. While I was running, I got a text from my SW asking if I wanted to come over the SF early and go SUP in Sausalito. Uh. Yes. Please. It was such a beautiful day on the water with Max and Chrissy. After we went back for some hard cider, we has an AMAZING homemade dinner by Ms. Lowe and hangout time. Loved every moment. 

Sunday morning, Katelyn and I work up at the butt crack of down, 5am to get ready and make it to Union Square for our Nike Women's Half Marathon start time of 6:30am (I think I am going to look at start times from now on when picking races). 
Bright and early!
Soooooooooooo many people

Oh hey even more people - 25,000 people to be exact
The race was great. There were so many spectators, cheerleaders, drum circles, funny signs, bands, fan stands, MCs and music to get everyone excited along the course. It was like a 13.1 mile party... that my legs are dearly paying for today. 
We made it!


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