A Weekend Escape to Lake Tahoe

This winter Duane and I went in on a ski lease with 9 of his Google co-workers/friends in South Lake Tahoe. Honestly, it was a great decision. Coupled with our Tahoe Local Season Pass, we have been spending quiet a bit of time up in the mountains this season, which is a welcomed break from the craziness of the bay. For example, this weekend we escaped the bay for a long weekend and drove up here on Wednesday night.

Thursday and Friday we took full advantage of the small crowds and hit the slopes at Heavenly. The snow was mediocre and slushy in the afternoon, but regardless, it was nice to get some skiing in and enjoy the fresh air.

Saturday we (I) thought it would be a great idea to have a change of pace and go for a hike. I found a great trail with great reviews that went up to the peak of Mt. Tallac.

Someone found his old stomping grounds...
Silly me thought we would do a nice long hike, nothing too crazy. Holy heck was I wrong. Not only was there lots and lots of snow that made it more difficult to hike but also, follow the trail. The trail that we were supposed to follow was 9.5 miles with a 3,500ft (from 6,400 - 9735ft) elevation climb. We got a little lost and went off trail, so it ended up being like 12 miles with some almost vertical climbs through deep snow and rocks. We only made it to the the base of the summit and had to turn back due to time, but we look forward to trying it again in the summer... so we can follow the trail.

We found the snow!

Making sure we didn't get lost... that was an epic fail

Floating Island Lake
Soooooo steep

Even more steep... legs were dying by now

View from the top. Amazing. Lake Tahoe in the back
and Falling Leaf Lake in the front

Evidence that I made it

The back mountains
Where we were earlier in the day from lower elevation... and as a small storm was coming in.
You can't see it, but it was hailing when I took this.

It was an adventure for sure and one my legs are paying for it dearly today. 


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