Kirkwood with friends

It is becoming a tradition that Duane and I plus a giant group of friends rent a house in Kirkwood for a weekend to celebrate my birthday. In all reality, I am just using my birthday as an excuse to hang out with my friends and ski for a weekend.

I got to hang out with my two favorite little ones, Lizzy and Myka
On Saturday it (FINALLY) started to snow, so some of us decided to go for a walk and do some sledding. \
Myka's first trip to the snow!

Both father and daughters' first time sledding

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Had to show these kids how to sled the right way

The other birthday girl was le tired
Lizzy and Nolan heading out to the snow. She was not amused...
After a long day of skiing and sledding, all 13 of us gathered around and started a marathon of Settlers of Cattan and Catch Phrase.

The most addicting game ever.

I am one lucky girl to have such great friends. :)


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