Travel Memories

As some of you know, the last month and a half has been non stop construction in our living room area. We are replacing our Eichler-esqe inspired wall of single-paned windows with dual pane. On the side of our living room is a staircase that leads to the media room. I have always wanted a staircase with pictures going up it. I love pictures. To me they represent amazing memories, friends, irreplaceable experiences, and life changing events, something I want my house to be filled with. I will  admit it, this project is 100% the result of Pintrest. While in Europe, I got slightly addicted (don't worry I kicked the habit upon returning to the states), but I found some great decorating ideas that I loved. One was to frame pictures and use the city map from the place you are as the mat. Awesome idea! And I had tons of maps from our travels! So as the idea evolved and creativity was awoken, the project (surprise surprise) grew.

The staircase pre any work
(*note did not have a picture so this is from one of our BBQ's)

I framed all of the pictures/art I wanted.
I even used some city maps as mats for some of our travel
pictures to add some variety and color!
Cut out paper bags to the size of each picture to get an idea of layout.
You measure a million times....

And voilĂ !!!!

I am so happy with the finished product! Duane did such a good job! I love walking up our stairs and reliving our travels. 


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