Switzerland. The land of chocolate, banking, home of Yodlefest, 4 national languages (French, Italian, German and Romansh), the founder of the Red Cross and the newest location of Duane's Google team. Such a country provides ample opportunities for learning, exploration and fun! So why not move there for a month? That's right! This fall Duane and I will be moving to Zurich for a short jaunt in center of Europe.

My job is set to end as of October 1st and Duane is conveniently scheduled to work in Zurich for a month this fall. Fate? Aligned in the Stars? Destiny? Whatever you would like to call it, I am right there with you. Because of the AMAZING timing of the two events, we (more like I) thought this would be a great opportunity to travel around Europe and live in the wonderful city of Zurich together. What a wonderful experience to share with someone you love.

More deets to come soon!


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