Next stop, Panama!

I am sure you are asking your self, "But wait Sarah, haven't you only been back in the country for say a little over 2 months?". Why yes that is correct. One of my best friends, Cat, is doing the Peace Corps down in the jungles of Panama with a Ngabe indigenous tribe in the northern Chiriqui region. So as my quarter century birthday is approaching and happens to be right by New Years, I have decided to celebrate the round drinking on the beach in grass huts, probably surrounded by spiders, snakes and mosquitoes. AND I'M SO EXCITED! I just signed up at a clinic to get all 5 of the required shots (yes 5. that day is going to suck) and a prescription for my malria meds (which hopefully I don't trip out on, Ive heard some horror stories.) All I need to do is buy my tickets! Which will probably happen in the next week or two! Woo!


  1. But wait Sarah, wasn't your last major trip back in July? :)


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